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At age 11, after a childhood spent pretending to be a healer or woods-woman and making up my own concoctions using plants in the yard or spices in the kitchen, my mom apprenticed me to a local herbalist. Under her guidance, I learned how to identify certain medicinal wild plants, how to make vinegars, and how to tend to a garden of herbs. That early training began an over fifteen-year journey into herbalism. Today, I wild forage and grow my own medicinal plants, as well as make tinctures, vinegars, and teas for various ailments.

I am also a certified Reiki healer. I incorporate tools from that practice into my own style of vocal meditation using binaural beats and elements of neurofeedback therapy to help persons struggling with anxiety and depression. Besides one-on-one coaching, I teach group sessions at healing spaces such as The Earth Arts Center and Root Mamma in Brooklyn.

Combining these practices, I have partnered with Sacred Warrior under herbalist and conservationist Vanessa Chakour, helping her lead retreats at the New York Wolf Conservation Center and the Jaguar Institute in Costa Rica.