May 29th, 2018Full Moon in Sagittarius
May 29th, 2018Mercury Enters Gemini
June 12th, 2018Mercury enters Cancer
June 13th, 2018Venus enters leo
June 13th, 2018New Moon in Gemini
June 18th, 2018Neptune Retrograde Begins
June 20th, 2018Juno Festival, Ancient Rome; Hera Festival, Ancient GreeceThrough the 21st
June 21st, 2018Summer solstice
June 21st, 2018Sun Enters Cancer
June 26th, 2018Mars Retrograde Begins
June 27th, 2018Saturn at its closest to earth
June 28th, 2018Full moon in Capricorn / Strawberry Moon
June 29th, 2018Mercury enters Leo
July 5th, 2018Chiron retrograde begins
July 7th, 2018Nonae Caprotinae, Feast of the Serving Women for Juno, Ancient Rome
July 9th, 2018Venus enters virgo
July 10th, 2018Jupiter Retrograde Begins
July 12th, 2018New moon in cancer
July 22nd, 2018sun enters leo
July 23rd, 2018Athena Commemoration, Ancient Greece
July 24th, 2018Isis Feast, Egypt
July 25th, 2018Mercury Retrograde in leoThrough August 18th
July 27th, 2018Hatshepsut’s Birthday, Only Ruling Female Pharaoh, Patron of Arts
July 27th, 2018full moon in Aquarius
July 27th, 2018mars at its closest to earth
July 28th, 2018Delta Aquarids Meteor ShowerThrough the 29th
August 1st, 2018Lughnasadh/Lammas, Demeter Harvest Festival
August 6th, 2018Venus enters libra
August 7th, 2018Uranus retrograde begins
August 11th, 2018Perseids Meteor ShowerThrough the 12th
August 11th, 2018New moon in leo
August 12th, 2018mars retrograde enters capricorn
August 13th, 2018Hecate & Diana Festival, Ancient Greece
August 17th, 2018Venus at its greatest elongation
August 19th, 2018Mercury retrograde ends / mercury direct
August 23rd, 2018Moira & Personal Fate Festival, Ancient Greece
August 23rd, 2018sun enters virgo
August 25th, 2018Hungry Ghost Festival, China
August 26th, 2018full moon in pisces
August 27th, 2018Mars Retrograde Ends / Mars Direct
September 5th, 2018Genesia, Festival to Honor the Mighty Dead, Ancient Greece
September 5th, 2018mercury enters virgo
September 6th, 2018Saturn Retrograde Ends / Saturn Direct
September 7th, 2018Neptune at its closest to the Earth
September 9th, 2018new moon in virgo
September 9th, 2018venus enters scorpio
September 10th, 2018mars enters Aquarius
September 21st, 2018Demeter & Persephone Festivals, Ancient RomeThrough the 23rd
September 21st, 2018mercury enters libra
September 21st, 2018Sun enters Libra
September 22nd, 2018Fall Equinox
September 25th, 2018full moon in aries
September 30th, 2018Pluto Retrograde Ends / Pluto Direct
October 5th, 2018Mania, Festival to placate the Mighty Dead, Ancient Rome
October 5th, 2018venus retrograde begins
October 8th, 2018Draconids Meteor Shower
October 8th, 2018Festival of High Places, Festival for Luck, China
October 9th, 2018mercury enters scorpio
October 9th, 2018new moon in libra
October 11th, 2018Thesmophoria Festival Part IIThrough the 13th
October 21st, 2018Orionids Meteor ShowerThrough the 22nd
October 23rd, 2018Sun enters scorpio
October 23rd, 2018Uranus at its closest to the Earth
October 24th, 2018full moon in taurus
October 31st, 2018Saimhaim, Ancient Celtic FestivalThrough November 1st
October 31st, 2018All Hallows Eve
October 31st, 2018Diwali, India
October 31st, 2018mercury enters Sagittarius
November 1st, 2018Feast of the Assembly of Tara, Ancient Celtic Fest
November 1st, 2018Isis Festival, Ancient Egypt
November 5th, 2018Taurids Meteor ShowerThrough the 6th
November 6th, 2018True Node enters Cancer
November 7th, 2018New Moon in Scorpio
November 15th, 2018Mars enters Pisces
November 16th, 2018Venus Retrograde Ends / Venus Direct
November 16th, 2018Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius moving into ScorpioThrough December 6th
November 17th, 2018Leonids Meteor ShowerThrough the 18th
November 22nd, 2018Sun enters Sagittarius
November 23rd, 2018Full Moon in Gemini
November 23rd, 2018Neptune Retrograde Ends / Neptune Direct
December 2nd, 2018Venus enters Scorpio
December 6th, 2018Mercury retrograde ends / mercury Direct
December 7th, 2018New Moon in Sagittarius
December 9th, 2018Chiron Retrograde Ends / Chiron Direct
December 12th, 2018Mercury enters Sagittarius
December 13th, 2018Geminids Meteor ShowerThrough the 14th
December 17th, 2018Saturnalia, Festival and Feasts for Saturn, Ancient RomeThrough the 24th
December 21st, 2018Ursids Meteor ShowerThrough the 22nd
December 21st, 2018winter solstice
December 21st, 2018Sun enters Capricorn
December 22nd, 2018Full Moon in Cancer
December 31st, 2018Mars enters Aries